An eternal love for the Mediterranean waters

The breeze, the sound of the waves, the smell of saltpetre, the posidonia, the stunning turquoise of the Mediterranean; add to this the bohemian ambience surrounding it and the elegance, serenity and cheerfulness of the people. This is what inspired Elsa to launch B,med.

With an Atlantic soul, B,med can be described as something which far transcends their brand, which is more of a philosophy of life drawing on the enormous love that Elsa feels for the Mediterranean Sea.

We truly hope to inspire your home decoration and lifestyle, offering an elegant and at the same time bohemian experience with our exclusive products.

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With Love, from Portugal

Passionate about art and an economist by training, Elsa has always been connected to design. After co-founding a decoration brand, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to the art of creating. Based in Portugal, Elsa is inspired by the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean to develop and produce special and exclusive projects for Hotels, Chefs and Gourmet Cuisine, Design and Agrotourism hotels, with the aim of providing an unforgettable gastronomic experience. 

Elsa, in love with the bohemian and Mediterranean lifestyle, has decided to open an online store, allowing anyone who identifies with this values, to dress and travel the Mediterranean within their own homes.

More than a brand, a lifestyle