More than a brand, a lifestyle

The breeze, the sound of the waves, the smell of saltpetre, the posidonia, the stunning turquoise of the Mediterranean; add to this the bohemian ambience surrounding it and the elegance, serenity and cheerfulness of the people. This is what inspired Elsa to launch B,med: a personal dream project that can be described as something which far transcends their brand, which is more of a philosophy of life drawing on the enormous love that Elsa feels for the Mediterranean Sea.

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With an Atlantic soul, B,med is inspired by colors and flavors of the Mediterranean to develop and produce special and exclusive projects for restaurants, chefs and gourmet cuisine.

Understanding ceramics & textiles as an integral part of a business, essential in the presentation of the brand carefully created by its owner. Altogether, B,med aims to offer a experience to remember.

With love, from Portugal

Reinterpreting a millennial art, B,med associates the tradition of the Portuguese technique and the quality demanded by the gastronomic utility, being ceramics an increasingly demanded trend and valued by the market, the trend for the demand for increasingly exclusive ceramics made by small suppliers and artisans. 

Pieces are set in stoneware, terracotta or aiança, 100% non-toxic enamels and fired at high temperatures, to guarantee minimum porosity and greater resistance. Our design is fully handmade, guaranteeing the durability and originality that each client demands in their kitchen. 

Our commitment with a better and sustainable world, lead us to use only eco-friendly resources, and organic textiles and products.

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